Explore Lānaʻi from mauka to makai. Lānaʻi Car Rental offers convenient car rentals on Lānaʻi so you can travel the island in comfort and style.


Get where you need to go with Lānaʻi Car Rental. Whether you are traveling to Lānaʻi for business or pleasure, for a day trip or extended stay, look to our fleet of affordable, reliable Jeep Wrangler Saharas and Teslas to get you to your destination on Lānaʻi.


White Jeep Wrangler car parked on grass with pine tree, blue sky and field in background
Jeep Wrangler Sahara (Four-Door)

Four-wheel drive
Off-road capability
Ample cargo space
Seating capacity: 5

Tesla 3

All-electric vehicle
Paved road only
Additional storage compartment under hood
Seating capacity: 5

Daily Rates

Jeep Wrangler: $200

Tesla 3: $95

Jeep Wrangler: $150

Tesla 3: Not Available

Contact Us

Book in advance through Lānaʻi Car Rental to ensure your vehicle fits your travel needs. Complete our request form or call 808-565-3100 to make your reservation today.

    Pick up your car and pick up lunch

    We have partnered with Lānaʻi Service Station to offer preordered lunch sets to renters so you can spend more time seeing the island. Lānaʻi Service Station is located next to Lānaʻi Car Rental.

    To place an order in advance, please call 808-565-3100 or email reservations@lanaicarrental.com. Payment is required at the time of ordering.


    Lānaʻi Car Rental is conveniently located at 1039 Lanai Avenue.

    From the ferry or airport, contact Rabaca’s Limousine Service at 808-559-0230 or Lānaʻi Taxi Service at 808-649-0808 (advance reservations recommended).